The tragic loss of Rhod Gilbert as his father Malcolm dies after lockdown tears them apart


Rhod Gilbert and his family are devastated after the death of his father.Malcolm was 88 years old and will be sadly missed by his heartbroken loved ones.

The sad news was shared by his wife Sian Harries, who wrote on Twitter: “It is with a heavy and heavy heart that we share that Rhod’s brilliant dad, my wonderful stepfather, has passed away. What a hole he leaves, at 88, the most learned, jazz-piano, Russian-speaking, old-school socialists, progressive men I have met. He will be sorely missed ”

People rushed to offer their condolences to the Welsh comedian and his family.

Comic book fellow Sarah Millican replied, “I am so sorry for your loss. I love you and Rhod xxxx »

Malcolm, Rhod’s father, tragically passed away

One fan wrote: “Loved hearing about Rhod’s dad on his stand-up / on BBC Wales radio – the stories of Rhod on the reclining sofa, the microwave left / found in the hedge etc. his father more than life. My condolences to all of you x «

Another posted: “So sorry to hear that. He was clearly adored by both of you, and everyone by the sound. Watch out for Rhod, the world is never the same again after a parent dies. And I love you Sian as you share his grief ”

Earlier this year, Rhod rushed to the West Wales nursing home where his father lived, who was blind and had limited movement after a heart attack.

The sad news was shared by Rhod’s wife Sian

Rhod, 52, explained: “The nursing home closed earlier than most and we got a message saying not to visit.

“Because he can’t see and he can’t move, I bought him a smart speaker.

“I pushed it through the window with a wi-fi modem while I stood in the rain around 10 p.m., telling these caregivers how to set it up.

“He’s had an audiobook a day for the past six weeks. “

Rhod was torn from his father during the lockdown

At the time, Rhod, who lost his mother Norma to Alzheimer’s disease in 2016, made the heartbreaking confession that he wasn’t sure if that brief glimpse out the window would be the last time he would see his father.

He said, “I don’t know if we’ll see him again, I don’t know. He knows that if the virus enters the nursing home, he is extremely vulnerable. In his words: “If he walks in here, I’m a gonner”. ”

We now know how Rhod’s father died.


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