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Crown season four addresses Anne’s unhappy marriage to Captain Mark Phillips and her attempts to seek solace elsewhere. The Queen is trying to talk to her daughter about the state of her marriage, which she says is “good”. However, the Queen explained that there had been “discussions” and a meeting with the head of the royal protection branch.

She said: “He felt compelled to mention rumors about a Sergeant Cross and you two being intimate.”And in light of those rumors, Scotland Yard has recommended his transfer to his office duties at Croydon.”

A devastated Anne said, “Don’t do this to me. You can’t, that’s the only thing that makes me happy.

In real life, Mr. Cross has indeed been taken away from his role as a royal protection officer.

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Princess Anne and Peter Cross (right_ (Image: GETTY)

princess anne mark phillips

Princess Anne was sadly married to Mark Phillips (Image: GETTY)

However, according to Harry Arnold, a former royal journalist for the Sun, they continued to see each other after he was removed from his royal protective post.

Mr Arnold claimed that Anne used Ms Wallis’s pseudonym when she wanted to contact him, potentially a reference to Wallis Simpson.

Ms Simpson was a divorced American who King Edward VIII had abdicated to marry.

Edward and Ms Simpson reportedly saw each other while still married to her former husband.

wallis simpson edward

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, formerly Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson (Image: GETTY)

James Whittacker, a former royal reporter for the Daily Mirror, told Channel 4’s 2002 documentary ‘The Real Princess Anne’ that Scotland Yard ‘panicked’ upon learning of Anne’s illicit romance.

He said: “When it came to the bosses, of course, at Scotland Yard – they are the ones providing the protection officers – of course they panicked and Peter Cross was moved very quickly.

This alleged affair was reported at the time by The Sun, which said Anne had become “too familiar” with her bodyguard.

Harry Arnold, who got the scoop, told the 2002 documentary: “I was told from an absolutely incredible source that he was having an affair with Princess Anne.

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the crown erin doherty olivia coleman

Erin Doherty and Olivia Coleman play Anne and the Queen in The Crown (Image: GETTY)

“I couldn’t use the word affair, so I coined the phrase that he became ‘too familiar’ with Princess Anne. ”

Under the gaze of media around the world, Anne stopped seeing Mr Cross, who left Scotland Yard and “went into hiding”.

However, according to Mr. Arnold, two years later, Mr. Cross contacted him and confirmed the story.

Mr Arnold claimed to have said: ‘When you wrote this story I was still married and I couldn’t admit it, but yet it was true and I can now tell you that it was true because I am now divorced.

Mr. Cross sold his story to News of the World in 1984.

Mr Arnold said he thought the alleged affair meant Anne was “badly married and knew she had made a mistake”.

He also claimed that this confirmed that she was a “very hot woman” and that she would do whatever she wanted, regardless of the rules or protocol.

Anne and Mark stayed together for several years, but in 1989 announced their intention to go their separate ways.

This came after another Anne case came to light, when love letters from Commander Timothy Laurence were stolen and sent to The Sun.

The couple finally divorced in April 1992, and Anne quickly remarried Tim in a small ceremony in Scotland.

Mark then married Sandy Pflueger, with whom he had a daughter, but they separated in 2012.

Mark was also reportedly unfaithful in his marriage to Anne and even had an illegitimate child with a New Zealand woman named Heather Tonkin.


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