The sequel to “Waiting To Exhale” is still in preparation


Fans of Waiting to expire patiently await the continuation. The film tells the story of four friends who navigate love, motherhood and careers. Thankfully, one of the stars of the film has provided fans with a positive update on the highly anticipated follow-up.

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The success of the film “Waiting to Exhale” was such a success that it inspired a follow-up book and a sequel film.

Based on the Terry McMillian novel of the same title, Waiting to expire was released in 1995 by FOX. The film was a hit with critics and viewers, earning over $ 80 million at the box office.

A follow-up novel, Be happy, was released in 2010. The book picks up 15 years later with each of the four characters at different stages of their lives. McMillian told CNN in a 2010 interview that a bitter divorce inspired her to write the book, explaining.

After my divorce I was really bitter, angry, and started meeting a lot of other women in my age group – in their 40s to late 50s who were just plain sad. So, trying to explore what it would take for us to be happy again so to speak, I just came up with four different scenarios that I know a lot of women face. I realized that I had told the stories of four different female protagonists before and realized that these women were the perfect candidates to tell the other stories.

Terry McMillian sur CNN

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FOX purchased the film rights for Be happy and all four of the original film cast have signed on to star in the film. Sadly, Whitney Houston’s death in 2012 put the film on hold. Through Madame Noire, McMillian told Sister 2 Sister Magazine that she wasn’t interested in being a part of the film’s creative process without Houston.

“It’s horrible since Whitney [Houston] died for many reasons, she said. “Fox basically wanted to eliminate this character from the story. How they thought it would work I don’t know.

Loretta Devine says ‘Waiting to Exhale’ sequel still in the works

While McMillian’s stance on the film has apparently remained the same, with her calling the film “dead in the water,” FOX intends to move forward. Forrest Whitaker is said to be on board re-directing the movie, as he did with the first one. Waiting to expire marked Whitaker’s directorial debut.

Speaking with Tamron Hall, Loretta Devine opened up about the impact of the film and made fans happy with an update on the sequel. It also appears that McMillian has changed his mind.

“I know that Terry [McMillan] and I think Lee Daniels is working on something because he’s been trying to get Waiting to Exhale back for so many years because it’s changed so much for everyone, not just black women, but also so many shows are on it. outings with the same girlfriend format they used, ”she says.

Source: YouTube

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Devine says the premise of the film has changed, explaining that the four women can be supporting characters in the sequel.

“I think they’re doing something for the children of women and I think it’s going to come out,” she said.

It’s unclear when the film is expected to hit theaters.


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