The Queen urged to STRIP Meghan Markle and Harry of their Sussex titles – “The sooner the better!” “| Royal | News


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped down from the royal family earlier this year, but were allowed to retain their official Sussex titles. However, their recent comments on the US election and their solo appearance for Remembrance Sunday have sparked controversy and prompted readers to call for the couple to be stripped of their royal titles.

Responding to recent events, this website asked readers if they think the Queen should strip Meghan and Harry of their Sussex titles when she considers the terms of their departure from the Royal Family next year.The poll, conducted from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. on November 12, asked, “Should the Queen strip Meghan and Harry of their titles?”

The overwhelming majority of readers believed the pair should lose their official titles, with 98% (7,693 people) voting “yes”.

Only three percent (242 people) voted “no”.

Less than one percent of readers (56 people) voted “not sure”.

Readers then took advantage of the comments to explain why they believed Meghan and Harry should lose their official titles.

One person simply wrote, “Yes, the sooner the better.”

While another reader went into more detail and suggested that the Sussexes could mean the end of the monarchy if they end up keeping their titles.

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“I understand angry letters are being sent to Her Majesty and to Parliament.

“If something is not done soon, I fear that next year’s upcoming 70th anniversary celebrations will be greeted with hoots from Her Majesty’s subjects.

A third person said: “What’s the point of getting a Duchy (in this case Sussex), if not only do you not live in that county, but then you don’t even live in the country?”

“Absolutely bonkers and the people of Sussex deserve better!”

Meghan and Harry stepped down from the royal family at the end of March, in favor of becoming financially independent and moving abroad.

The couple, who recently moved to Santa Barbara, Calif., Learned they could no longer use their HRH (His Royal Highness / His Highness) titles after he resigned, but they would still be known as the Duke. and Duchess of Sussex.

A review of the current terms of the Megxit deal will take place in March 2021.


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