The quarantine has been lifted in two weeks so that families can travel to “red list” countries at Christmas


The quarantine will be lifted in two weeks, those whose Covid-19 test is negative on the fifth day will be released from the obligation to self-isolate.Grant Shapps, Secretary of Transportation, will announce on Monday that general quarantine restrictions will end in time for Christmas so families can travel to high-risk “red list” countries to visit loved ones and reduce their costs. isolation time up to nine days upon their return.

The transport secretary won over government skeptics, who were pushing for returning vacationers or businessmen to remain in quarantine for at least seven days.

Regulations will be amended to adopt the new five-day regime on December 15 or 16, with people being released from quarantine as soon as they get their test results, which could potentially be the evening of the fifth day.

Travelers returning from high-risk countries that do not have a travel corridor will be able to order a Covid test from a list of approved companies posted on GOV.UK.

Benchmark PCR tests are expected to cost between £ 130 and £ 180, although prices are likely to drop if demand is high.

This will add significant costs to family vacations, so ministers are looking to replace them with rapid saliva tests, which produce results within an hour and currently cost half the price. The timing of their introduction will depend on the success of the trials in Liverpool and other cities.


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