‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Said This Was The Real Reason Her Daughter Got Engaged


Appearing on Today This week, Food Network star Ree Drummond is still welcome on the morning show.

As expected, the Oklahoma resident came up with some amazing recipes and the truly captivating stories of her home life with husband Ladd and their four children.

And with his daughter Alex’s recent engagement, the celebrity chef has provided some insight into what may have been the catalyst for her daughter’s fiancé to ask the question.

“The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ree Drummond appeared on “Today” this week

The TV personality made an appearance on Today this week from his Oklahoma ranch to discuss the release of his new book, Frontier Follies: Adventures in Marriage and Motherhood in the Middle of Nowhere.

The book, which has just been published this week, reveals, according to the jacket, the “real activities in the Drummond house and around the ranch”.

A huge revelation in the book, which Drummond discussed with morning show hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, is a new member of the Drummond family.

“Well, Jamar is my adopted son,” Drummond told Kotb. “He’s been living with us for over a year and a half. As of this writing in the book, my husband and I have never decided to become foster parents, but Jamar’s circumstances have kind of presented themselves and he is just a full member of our family.

Until now, Drummond has not been able to speak publicly about his adopted son because of “rules and regulations with the state agency”, as well as for his own privacy.

“We love it,” said the mother of five.

The recent engagement of her daughter

It is certainly not a buzzing life at Drummond Ranch. Along with a new son, the Domestic Queen recently announced that her daughter Alex got engaged this summer to her boyfriend Mauricio Scott.

The two met at Texas A&M University, during their freshman year at college.

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Alex has already found the wedding dress of his dreams, which Ree wrote about on his online blog. She shared that one of her favorite parts of helping her daughter choose her dress was having Mauricio’s mom to help her as well.

“What made the shopping experience even more special was that Maurico’s mother, Martha, came to join us for the shopping,” Ree wrote. “She only has two boys, so Alex knew she would enjoy the wedding dress process. Martha is a beautiful and kind person, and it has been so wonderful to know her. We have fun together! “

Drummond joked that she thought that was the reason her daughter’s fiance had proposed

The conversation with TodayThe hosts of the house got closer to his future son-in-law while Drummond was preparing sandwiches.

“I have to say in the book I say this is the best sandwich in my forties,” she said of the beef she was making. “During my quarantine, I had all of these bodies in my house for a while, when they started to unfold.”

She explained that between “my two oldest daughters, one of my daughter’s boyfriends, Jamar, my two sons, my husband,” she had to find a way to feed everyone adequately. And the best way, she found out, was with the sandwich she calls “the best sandwich I’ve ever made,” her Drip Beef Sandwiches with Caramelized Onions and Provolone.

Drummond went on to explain how the sandwich, according to his estimate, paved the way for marriage for his daughter.

“Over the last few months another development that has happened in our family is that my daughter’s boyfriend Alex proposed to her. And I think it’s because of this sandwich, ”the red haired chef said as Guthrie and Kotb laughed.

“I mean, he’s a wonderful person, but… Mauricio, my future son-in-law said specifically, ‘This is the best sandwich I have ever eaten.’”

Who would have thought that love and marriage could start with beef and provolone?


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