The Mandalorian deleted the “jeans guy” and I’m disappointed


He's just off the screen.

He’s just off the screen.
Image: Disney Plus

Mistakes are a great part of film and television production. Let them be. They are awesome.

Do you see all Jeans Guy? You probably did, if you look The Mandalorian on its release schedule; the unidentified crew member, wearing a highly visible pair ofStar wars-y blue jeans, stood in the background during a shootout in Chapter 12, briefly playing a leading role alongside Carl Weathers, Gina Carano and Pedro Pascal. He was a great guy.

Now, as reported by Weekly entertainment, it’s gone, digitally edited from the episode, erased from our collective experience faster than you can tell maclunkey. On the one hand, what a wonder of digital technology, that a TV show can be re-edited and reposted in just a week, like you can correct a blog with a typo.

But on the other hand: what a disappointment! And not just because of the rocky history Star wars a with revisions. This is also happening with other franchises and will only become more common as digital streaming versions make post production errors easy to find and fix in real time. Here’s the problem: Errors and production errors are marks on the media we consume that identify them as clearly personal, made by people their best, and not always successful. Mistakes build character, establish our personal connection with the media, and give us something to discuss. The Empire Strikes Back famously used what was, very transparently, an ice cream maker as an accessory. And now it’s a canon device, appearing even in the first season of The Mandalorian! That’s the kind of bonus a good goof can offer.

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But digital media offers streaming companies something different: easy access to review and the specter of perfection. I’m really not excited about it. Rest in peace, Jeans Guy. You are still hot to me.

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