The Lions tried to stop Dalvin Cook with 10 defensemen and instead got a score of 70 yards


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Sunday’s victory over Detroit was never in doubt for Minnesota behind Dalvin Cook’s incredible afternoon. The third-year Vikings running back carried his team and his fantastic owners’ team for the second straight week behind 206 rushing yards, 46 receiving yards and two touchdowns. His longest run of the day came in the fourth quarter and lasted six. Cook took over from inside his left tackle, behind the header block of a shooting right guard and went virtually untouched for 70 yards and Minnesota’s last touchdown of the day.

It was an impressive race which capped an impressive day. However, upon closer examination, Cook’s big win was helped by a lack of tackles on the other side of the ball. Only 10 defenders were on the field for the Lions before the snap.

If you take a close look at right outside linebacker Jamie Collins, he noticed the missing man before the play happened and waved to the sideline.

It was a little too late. Kirk Cousins ​​broke the ball, and Cook had a streak to seal the 34-20 victory.

The Lions are 3-5 with the loss, while the Vikings tie their record with the win and tie for third in the NFC North. Cook’s impressive day followed a four-game total against Green Bay last weekend, and Minnesota appear to live or die through their running back. All three of the team’s wins came on days when Cook took a 100+ yard break. He’s hit those numbers four times this season, with one dropping a point to Tennessee in Week 3.


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