The emotional tribute of a heartbroken father after the death of his “big-hearted” son, 26, from the coronavirus


Tributes have poured in for a “big-hearted” 26-year-old man who died of coronavirus last month.Matthew Pearson, from Leeds, had tested positive for coronavirus just days before his death on October 1.

Matthew had to be admitted to hospital after falling seriously ill with the deadly virus, LeedsLive reports.

He died just three weeks before moving in with his “soul mate and the love of his life” Hayley, whom he had met three years ago.

Since the news of his death, hundreds of friends and family have taken to social media to post their tributes to the popular boy.

Tributes poured in for the 26-year-old

And now those closest to Matthew have paid homage to a man with a “big heart.”

Matthew’s father Gary Pearson said he was as much a best friend as he was a son to him.

Gary said: “I am more than devastated to have said goodbye to Matthew.

“When he was born, I immediately knew that we had a beautiful and unique bond, as I did when Gemma (Matthew’s sister) was born.

“We played football together all the time and he’s never been happier trying to score a goal in front of me in Carter’s field goalposts.

“Matthew loved his family and he loved spending time together, which we did on a regular basis.

“As Gemma’s little brother, they really loved each other.

“He could be quite boring when he was younger so she would give him those brotherly nips and adore the pats and kicks to try to keep him in line.” He adored Sophia and loved to play and read with her.

“He also loved his grandparents and would love his conversations with them. As an adult unfortunately his grandmother and grandparents weren’t with us but he would love to visit his nanna where they would talk and share everything!

“She looks like you don’t have to come visit me Matthew, to which he would respond by saying that I know I don’t know but I love spending time with you.” His cousins ​​were like his friends and they would meet up regularly and spend evenings together.

Matthew’s father described him as his ‘best friend’

“The jokes we enjoyed with my two brothers were also wonderful to hear him laugh as we know he loved to do.

“Matthew had a good relationship with Andy who gave him a lot of cooking tips which is why I’m sure Matthew loved to cook and was so knowledgeable.

“As Matthew’s half-sister Victoria admired her older half-brother and I know they had a lovely relationship. Matthew was there for her often with his big heart, his listening ear and all the advice he could offer her. ”

Matthew had also recently been preparing to move into his new home with his partner.

Gary said Hayley will always be part of their family.

Gary said: “He met his soul mate and the love of his life Hayley three years ago. Hayley has become a very special part of our family. He loved her and always will be beyond words and I know Hayley feels the same.

“They were so happy and satisfied together and have done so much in such a short time.

“The photos and stories from their incredible trip to Thailand seem like one of the hundreds of happy moments they shared together. I loved seeing them so happy together on the couch and hearing them laughing constantly. ”

Gary said he will always be proud of Matthew and hopes the two will be reunited someday in the future.

He said: “One of our proudest moments as parents was seeing him graduate from Huddersfield United with a ‘first’ in marketing. Diane and I beamed with so much pride that day!

“To celebrate in the evening he chose to eat at his favorite steak restaurant, Gauchos in Leeds, where we had the nicest party night with his roommates and their parents.

“I feel Matthew close to me every day and I take great comfort in knowing that someday we will be reunited again and spend eternity together.

“I’m not going to say goodnight to my friend, sleep well like I did every night because I know he doesn’t sleep but a lot with all of us and will continue to be.

“I want him to know how proud I am to have been his father and how grateful and proud I am that he touched so many lives in a way words cannot describe.

“I will love him forever and I want everyone who knew him and were touched by his presence in their lives to keep his memory alive by continuing to show the love he gave to all of us. “


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