The crushing Christmas level 3 restrictions Hull faces after lockdown ends


Boris Johnson is set to announce new, tougher levels for England when we come out of lockdown on December 2nd.Although confirmation of the area in which the level will be located has not been announced, it is expected that Hull and East Yorkshire will be placed in level 3 with the strictest restrictions in place as it approaches. Christmas.

The government has previously said the tier system will be simplified and entire regions will be covered by the same restrictions rather than on a city or town basis.

And with Hull currently having the highest infection rates in the country, all signs are that the most difficult level will be implemented on the Humber.

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But what might these restrictions look like? Large parts of Yorkshire already have Level 3 measures in place.

South Yorkshire entered level 3 weeks before the lockdown and West Yorkshire was to be placed at level 3, but it was canceled because the whole country was locked down.

That’s what to expect, based on what was previously planned for West Yorkshire, but the rules in Hull could be even stricter this time around.

Meet friends and family

  • You should not socialize with your friends and family indoors in any location, unless they are part of their home or bubble of support – this includes private homes and homes. interior in reception areas, such as pubs. It is not yet clear whether meeting rules will be relaxed on Christmas Day in areas with the most severe restrictions.

  • You may continue to see friends and family in groups of six or less that you don’t live with (or have formed a supportive bubble with) in some outdoor public spaces, such as a park, subdivisions, a beach, forests, countryside or public garden

  • You must not meet people outside their homes or support the bubble in a private garden or in most outdoor public places

  • You should not visit your friends or family in nursing homes except in exceptional circumstances. Nursing homes should limit visits to these circumstances

Pubs, restaurants and bars

  • Pubs and bars must close unless they are functioning as restaurants and alcohol can only be served as part of a heavy meal. A “heavy meal” is defined as “a main lunch or evening meal” or a main course, so packets of crisps and plates of crisps do not count.

  • Pubs that do not have their own kitchen are allowed to work with outside catering companies to provide meals. Like the food vendors in their pub parking lots

  • Pubs, bars, restaurants and other venues that remain open must close at 10 p.m. It has been suggested that this be extended until 11 p.m. under the new rules


  • People should try to avoid traveling outside of the level 3 zone they are in or entering a level 3 zone except for things like work, education, access to services for young people, to fulfill their family responsibilities or if they are in transit.

  • People should avoid spending the night in another part of the UK

Weddings and funerals

  • Wedding receptions will not be allowed, but couples can get married with a maximum of 15 people during the ceremony

  • Funerals can be attended by up to 30 people and 15 can attend revivals and other commemorative events

What will remain open?

  • Schools and universities will remain open, although a move towards a more extensive online offering is encouraged

  • Places of worship are open but this subject has assembly limits

  • Hairdressers and beauty salons can remain open

  • Shisha bars can be left open, but should not be used as shisha. They can continue to function as cafes

  • Gyms may open, but advice is against indoor exercise classes. Exercise classes and organized sport may take place outdoors subject to risk assessments and compliance with Covid-secure guidelines

  • Libraries and museums can remain open

  • Retail can stay open


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