The cast of “Matrix 4” would have disguised the closing night in filming to circumvent the rules of COVID-19


The actors and the team of The matrix 4 hosted a closing party in Berlin, disguised as a movie set to circumvent German COVID-19 laws, according to reports.The film, currently slated for release in April 2022, wrapped up this week at Babelsberg Studios just outside Berlin.

German newspaper image reports (via the Guardian) that producers Lana and Lilly Wachowski hosted a studio party on Wednesday November 11, disguised as a set for a movie called “Icecream Teamevent”.

The report says around 200 people attended the party, including star Keanu Reeves, with guests invited as “movie extras.” Coronavirus rules in Berlin currently allow events with a capacity of 50, with all events exceeding this threshold to be “registered in advance with the submission of a” hygiene concept “which must be approved by officials. authorities.” The report indicates that a filming authorized for The matrix 4 would be allowed to take place under these rules.

Keanu Reeves. CRÉDIT: Getty

Babelsberg Studios spokeswoman Bianca Markarewicz said the film’s producers told the studios they were shooting additional footage for a “celebratory scene” they largely filmed earlier this summer.

“The rules of hygiene have been respected,” she added. “The production team consciously put this shoot with its many participants, right after the shoot was finished.”

However, a party attendee said image that the event was more like a party, with no one actually filming the events.

“No director’s instructions were given, there was no clapper board and no one was filming,” said the participant. “The atmosphere was exuberant. Everyone received a corona PCR test in advance. Everyone had to come and wear a mask, but a lot of people didn’t wear it as the party wore on.

A spokesperson for the city of Berlin also said the Guardian “No event was announced to us,” adding: “There were discussions going on between the health authority and the studios on the subject of protection against infections during filming. ”

In a recent interview, The matrix 4 Star Jessica Henwick said she believes the new film will “change the industry”.

“Lana does some really cool things technically the same way you know she created a style back then,” Henwick said. “I think she will change the industry again with this film. There are cameras that I have never seen before that we use. That’s probably all I can say about it.

The new teaser comes after Keanu Reeves described the film as an “inspiring love story.”

The matrix 4 Release is currently slated for April 2022, after suffering production delays during the coronavirus crisis. Ahead of the shutdown, Reeves was spotted filming as Neo in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Get the full details on everything we know so far The matrix 4 here.


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