Thanksgiving: 2 million people took weekend flight despite Covid travel warnings


More than two million people took flights this weekend despite coronavirus travel warnings ahead of Thanksgiving.

And projections on Saturday brought the number of two days to two million, one of the busiest times for air travel since the pandemic began in March.

The highest daily count alone came on October 18, with 1.03 million passengers.

But that number still only represents 42% of the number of passengers screened on the Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving in 2019.

The figures were recorded just days after the Centers for Disease Control issued a travel warning for the Thanksgiving vacation, when most Americans spend time with family.

The United States has now passed 12 million cases of the coronavirus and more than 255,000 people have died in the pandemic, according to a date from Johns Hopkins University.

United Airlines has reported an increase in flight cancellations and a drop in bookings as cases of Covid spike across the country, CNN reports.

The company says it expects its busiest week since the start of the pandemic.

Southwest and American Airlines say they’ve seen a drop in bookings, but not an increase in cancellations.

American Airlines says it will increase its schedule by 15 percent this week from the rest of November, from a daily average of 3,500 flights to more than 4,000.

Health officials in states like California have warned against travel during the holiday week and said anyone who does should be quarantined for 14 days after returning home.

“Do we want to see them travel? Yes, but only if it’s safe for them, ”Nick Calio, general manager of the Airlines for America trade association, told CNN.

“There are a variety of factors involved in this for each individual traveler. “


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