Tesla Model S update based on the new Roadster – Dope or Nope?


Tesla recently made a small design update for the Model 3, but it is believed that a larger update is planned for the Model S program.Now someone tried to imagine what it would look like based on the new Roadster.

Dope or not?

Tesla first brought Model S to market in 2012.

The electric sedan has had a slight update over the years, but from a design standpoint it has remained largely unchanged since 2016.

In the automotive industry, it has been a long time since most vehicle programs have been renewed every 4 years or so.

While that hasn’t changed much in terms of design, Tesla has introduced several significant performance improvements to the Model S over the past few years.

Despite these bumps in specs, Model S sales have not been very good in recent years, and many believe a design refresh would help the program.

In 2018, we reported that Tesla was working on a major interior design refresh that was at the time scheduled for summer 2019.

This update was delayed because Tesla focused all of its resources on ramping up production of the Model 3.

The automaker is now in a much better position and could prepare to finally bring the Model S program to life.

EV’s French website Automobile Propre decided to take a look at what a design refresh of the Tesla Model S would look like if it were based on the new Roadster design.

Here are some renderings they posted on their website:

What do you think of the design? Let us know in the comment section below.

Taking Electrek

I think the Model S is overdue for a significant design update and I wouldn’t be surprised if it arrives next year before the Model S Plaid launches.

Tesla plans to bring its new structural battery design to the Model S Plaid.

This is a significant change in the design of the platform and I expect Tesla will have to make a lot of changes to the vehicle for it to work.

It would make sense if Tesla would take the opportunity to do a design update inside and out as well.

I like the front fascia in these renderings. You can see the similarities to the new Roadster and I think it transfers well to a larger sedan.

However, I’m not a fan of the way they integrated the side cameras and I think the indentations around the ones on either side are way too pronounced.

As for the interior, I think it will be closer to the renderings we got from Tesla 2 years ago than a simple Model 3 / Y interior with a different steering wheel.

But I think it’s clear that Tesla will change the center display to be horizontal.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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