‘Teflon’ Macron bounces back as France rallies dark hour leader for nation


Macron said in his latest campaign that he would ‘liberate and protect’ France, ‘said pollster Elabe’s Bernard Sananès, who noted a less pronounced increase in approval for Macron this week, suggesting that sentiment national unity could already fade. “But in the first two years, public opinion only really retained the word ‘free’ through its liberal reforms, which were starting to bear fruit as unemployment fell and investments rose before Covid hit. . This crisis gave him the opportunity to restore balance and to recast himself as a “protective president”. “But this poses a problem. “Until now, he was considered an optimistic and enterprising young leader. The question is whether public opinion will buy this change and recognize that it can play a protective role. It is still too early to tell, ”said Mr. Dabi.

Mr. Macron has certainly fully assumed his protective role, this week doubling the number of soldiers in the streets and the number of police officers at France’s borders due to the foreign terrorist threat.

The vast majority of French people support such measures, a poll suggests on Friday, as well as even more radical ideas, including the withdrawal of dual French nationality and the expulsion of foreigners considered a security threat outside the country.


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