Tayshia Adams has denied single rumors about her ex-husband


The tea is no longer hot.

If you followed La bachelorette this season, so you already know that Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise Former Tayshia Adams is the new head after Clare Crawley got engaged to contestant Dale Moss.

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People had a lot to say !!!

In the TikTok video, user @bigmoodbayley pointed to a promotion that the official Bachelorette Shared Twitter account, which teased clips from upcoming episodes of Tayshia this season.

But, as the TikToker points out, the name “Josh Bourelle” – again, Tayshia’s ex-husband – appears in the closed captions, which seems to indicate that he did the voiceover for the promo. – and therefore, could appear in a certain way this season.

This fan theory – which has garnered over 2 million views – sparked rumors online that Josh might be on the show – but yesterday Tayshia took to Instagram to finally fix it.

” OKAY. Can we just talk about something for a second? She began her story. “Yes, I was married, and yes, I am divorced. And yes, now I am La bachelorette, and I hang out with 20 men on ABC every week. ”

“So the fact that we keep talking about my past relationship, I don’t know, three years ago, I don’t understand – I don’t understand. He lives his life, I live my life. ”

“You have a lot of other people who signed up to be researched and talked about. He never signed up. So why not leave him alone and talk about something that really matters? “

“I have the utmost respect for Tayshia, and I never meant to do anything wrong with my original TikTok. He got totally out of control; it was just meant to be a fun speculation… In the end, the closed captions on that video really don’t prove anything, ”she said. “These are the lives of real people that we are talking about. I think it’s best if we let this rumor go for the moment and see what happens for ourselves. “

You heard it! Tayshia has spoken, so put those rumors aside. We’ll just have to wait and see what this season brings – just like everyone else!

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