Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff absolutely loved playing this “folklore” track live


Swift – with producers Antonoff and Aaron Dessner – performed the entirety Folklore album in the same room together for the first time for The Warm and Acoustic Session, which is now streaming on Disney +, and its accompanying live album.Swift and Antonoff, who had worked together on “August” from afar during the pandemic, seemed to be having fun bringing the music back to life at Long Pond Studio.

the Folklore hitmaker joined the gossip about his new release live on Twitter over the past two days, responding not only to Antonoff, but fans as well.

“I’m so glad we got to hear the stories behind these masterpieces !! A fan tweeted. “It only added to my appreciation for Taylor’s expert composition!” so in love with everyone. “

“Thank you very much, I’m happy,” said Swift. “Folklore is part personal, part fictional, so I wanted everyone to have time to assign it to their own experiences before they really think about mine. You know?“My God, the illicit business bridge literally destroys me every time,” one person admitted. Swift agreed, “Yeah, that one is burning. Like why is it so sad? I remember finishing this bridge and thinking it was sad at level 7. But. It’s a 13. ”

She even coined a new term in response to a reaction to her facial expressions while singing “Mad Woman”: “Oh yeah, FolkGLARE,” Swift joked.

“I miss you terribly and I will continue to try to find ways to keep us connected during these times,” Swift promised in response to another tweet from fans.

See Swift’s recent tweets below.


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