Taika Waititi runs Coca Cola Christmas advertising | Movies


Even in the midst of a global pandemic, Taika Waititi continues to be one of Hollywood’s most ridiculously busy people. Director Kiwi has The next goal wins in the box, getting ready to lead Thor: love and thunder, has the little question of a Star War on its schedule, two animated adaptations of Roald Dahl for Netflix and appearances as Guy gratuit and The suicide squad to come up. And amidst all of that, the guy found the time to direct a Christmas commercial for Coca-Cola, which is sure to bring sobs around the world in the weeks to come.If you are looking for Ragnarok-ian wackiness ou que Wilderpeople-Homemade aesthetic, you won’t find it here – but the Waititi commercial is full of unfailing emotion with the story of a father desperately trying to get his daughter’s Christmas letter to Santa in time for the big day. Check it out here and make sure you have some tissues on hold.

Sweet, right? All that’s missing is a Rachel House cameo. Beyond that unexpected Waititi treat, it’s hard to say which of her many upcoming projects will reach us first – Guy gratuit was due out in December but was pushed back undated, as The next goal wins is well in post-production but does not have a release window at the moment. Provided he doesn’t move, we’ll see him in The suicide squad (and find out exactly who he’s playing) when it hits screens in August 2021. For now, we wish you a Taika Christmas – and a New Year Waititi.


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