Suns’ Chris Paul and Devin Booker have already hit hardwood at Sarver


If news of the 10-time All-Star point guard arriving in the Valley of Chris Paul wasn’t enough for Phoenix Suns fans, it just got better.

About 24 hours after the swap went official, Paul and Suns starlet Devin Booker was already working together.

And where would be better for the duo to organize their first shoot as teammates than with owner Robert Sarver?

But Tuesday night was not the first time Paul had played on this hardwood.

Indeed, the field is from the 2009 NBA All-Star Game which took place in Phoenix at the then US Airways Center.

Paul was the starting point guard for the 2008-09 Western Conference All-Stars in what was only his second of 10 career ASG caps.

How old was Booker at the time? Only 12 years old …

Now Paul, 35, and Booker, 24, are already at work trying to turn around the Phoenix fortunes that have plagued the Valley’s oldest pro sports franchise that hasn’t made the playoffs since the season. 2009-10.

Indeed, there hasn’t been so much optimism around the Suns in a decade, when Paul was the same age as Booker at the moment.


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