Strictly Fans In Hysteria As Jamie “Drops” His Dance Partner Karen Twice Live


Strictly Come Dancing 2020 star Jamie Laing appeared to let down partner Karen Hauer in a hilarious moment, before it happened again. After their action-packed performance on Hercules’ song Zero To Hero, Jamie came to pick her up to celebrate finishing it.

As he turned with her in his arms, he suddenly let her fall and went downstairs with her.

Shortly after, the judges had just discovered their epic scores when a similar error occurred.

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 star Jamie Laing appeared to give up on partner Karen Hauer

Clearly a little tired, that didn’t stop Jamie from picking up celebrating Karen once more before practically tossing her in the air.

The couple were in hysterics, but Jamie quickly grew tired and as he was about to put her down he seemed to let her down again.

Karen couldn’t stop laughing, as Jamie struggled to catch his breath.

The couple rocked after their dance

Jamie lifted Karen off the ground

Viewers were embarrassed as many took to Twitter to see if anyone else had noticed.

One onlooker wrote: “Did Jamie just drop her ??? ”

Another said, “Did Jamie really drop Karen like a sack of potatoes.” “

Jamie dropped her later

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A third tweeted: “When Jamie let Karen down …”

Another added: “Jamie almost knocked Karen on her head. ”

Other fans were just hysterical about which duo seems to be having the most fun in their duo, with them constantly laughing.

The pair got a seven and two eights from the judges, giving them a score of 23.

Strictly Come Dancing airs Saturdays and Sundays on BBC One.


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