Strictly apologize for Max George’s tongue after fallout


Claudia Winkleman of Strictly Come Dancing has apologized tonight for Max George’s tongue out offscreen.The presenter appeared flustered when she made the comment after JJ and Amy’s dance, admitting that she wasn’t sure viewers heard what he said.

Max and Dianne had danced an American Smooth tonight, but didn’t get the positive feedback they hoped for – especially from Craig.

Following their criticism, Max and Dianne didn’t seem too happy as they went upstairs and some of the sound from their mics could be picked up.

However, although no expletives seem to have been heard, Claudia apologized.

After JJ and Amy’s scores were announced tonight, Claudia spoke to viewers: “I just want to quickly apologize for some language that involved Max.

“I don’t know the details, I don’t know if you heard. If you did, we are deeply sorry. Even if you haven’t heard, we’re still sorry. ”

Following the apology, viewers flocked to Twitter to find out what Max had said.

One tweeted: “DID MAX SAY” F *** “ON BBC SATURDAY NIGHT? I really hope so !! #strictly. ”

While another asked, “Claudia apologizing for Max – at least she made it funny #Strictly.” ”

Viewers later found out that Max had shouted “F *** ing get it! Right after finishing his dance.

Sharing a clip, a fan tweeted: “” F *** ing get in “MAX THIS IS A FAMILY SHOW. #strictly.  »

* Strictly returns tomorrow on BBC One


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