Stephen Colbert spins Trump on fraudulent false election declarations: “Get off the Trump train”


Speaking to the American people on Thursday evening (November 5), Trump shared unfounded conspiracy theories that the election was “rigged” as election forecasters predicted Joe Biden would likely win the Electoral College.

In response, Colbert appeared on The late show Thursday, dressed all in black “for a funeral”, accusing the president of wanting to “poison American democracy”.

Visibly upset, Colbert said during his 15-minute rant – which was interrupted by television networks, including MSNBC – Trump had “really tried to kill something,” adding: “If you didn’t know that Joe Biden was getting closer to 270 [electoral votes], Donald Trump has just provided all the evidence you will need.

“So we all knew he would do that,” Colbert said, taking a break to regroup before continuing, “What I didn’t know was that it would hurt so much. I didn’t expect this to break my heart. For him to cast a dark shadow over our most sacred right from the White House briefing room, our home. Not that. It is devastating. “

Colbert then called on Republicans to “speak up” and condemn Trump for his actions to ensure the presidency “means something” and has “a little bit of decency” going forward.

“Donald Trump is a fascist and when it comes to democracy versus fascism, I’m sorry there aren’t good people on both sides, so you have to choose: Donald Trump or the American people,” a- he declared.

“Now is the time to get off the Trump train because he told you where the train is going and it’s not a passenger train and he will charge you someday too.

Colbert was widely praised for his impassioned speech, with Marvel star Mark Ruffalo tweeting, “Shit. I never thought I would see Colbert collapse. Sensational. I get it. “

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