South Australia emerges from lockout early after man linked to outbreak ‘lied’ to tracers


Mr. Marshall called the individual’s behavior “shameful”.“Just as we acted immediately to put restrictions in place to keep South Australians safe, we will act to lift them much sooner than expected,” he said.

“I will not allow the disgraceful conduct of one individual to keep SA in these breaker conditions one more day than is necessary.” ”

The restrictions will be lifted early with the door-to-door order ending at midnight Saturday, when most businesses will also be allowed to open.

However, Mr. Marshall added that the threat to his state of the business group had not passed.

“This is still a very dangerous cluster and our health experts remain extremely concerned,” he said.

Coronavirus infections have slowed considerably in recent weeks in Australia, with South Australia being one of the few places to still record community transmission of the disease.

The state reported three new cases on Friday, all connected to the cluster and all infected people are in quarantine.

The state, home to around 1.8 million people, has recorded 25 cases of the latest cluster, linked to a returning traveler from the UK.

The number of new cases was expected to rise further over the next few days, but the outbreak was not as alarming as feared.

Mr Marshall said the state would immediately ease some restrictions, including allowing people to leave their homes to exercise.


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