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Guichet! du Plessis b Rashid

Rashid throws it and Du Plessis gallops out of his fold, the ball beats its bat and it’s an easy apple crumble for Buttler.


10th above: South Africa 75-3 (du Plessis 11, van der Dussen 4) Not the best of Stokes – first short ball and du Plessis passes him over the midwicket for four; then a lower leg bouncer called wide.


9th above: South Africa 61-3 (du Plessis 5, van der Dussen 0) Rashid mixing it up, a huge googly short-legged blunder by Hendricks. Then a cute little inverted paddle, imagine a kid on a cobblestone street pushing along a hoop, for four before Hendricks is tricked.



GUICHET! Hendricks b Rashid 16

Tried the sweep but did in the flight and this is Rashid’s 5oth IT20 in his 51st game.


13 h 05

7th plus: South Africa 54-2 (du Plessis 3, Hendricks 8) Morgan shoots Rashid immediately after the power play. Its lightweight silhouette squirrels across the top. Hendricks has a wild one-knee swing but falls safely.


6th above: South Africa 50-2 (du Plessis 1, Hendricks 6) Chris Jordan is now England’s highest wicket-taker in IT20 (alongside Stuart Broad – which is a surprise to me, if no one else) and England will be happy overall after this power play.


GUICHET! de Kock c Tom Curran b Jordan 30

Smashing catch by Tom Curran mid-race who throws himself towards the sky and falls backwards with the ball in his hand. Not enough whallop by de Kock. England’s hard blow.


5th above: South Africa 44-1 (de Kock 26, Hendricks 5) It’s time for a bit of Tom Curran – looks as good as any for someone who has had a previous ropey game, with South Africa having to rebuild. Not homegrown Curran though, de Kock spins him back and Hendricks throws a short ball down the leg side of his pads for four to get out of goal.


4th above: South Africa 33-1 (de Kock 20, Hendricks 0) A bouncer completes an Archer prowl.


COUNTER! Ok b Archer 13

Medium Stump Yorker! Bavumas tries to go up and down, but he is completely deceived and slowly walks away.



3rd above: South Africa 26-0 (de Kock 17, Bavuma 9) The frustration did not last long. After surviving a bouncer, Kock’s pivot shoots Curran with the wind for four, and again, picks him up six times over Archer’s head. Then Bavuma, a daring ramp, awkward enough to be honest, head down – but a limit nonetheless. Things are going well for South Africa.


2nd above: South Africa 9-0 (from Kock 6, Bavuma 3) Archer at the end of Nederburg has the wind behind him. It glides towards the mountains and a row of green trees, all tilting slightly to the left. Archer already throws balls in the 80s, and one in 90, and ends with a bounce that goes over Bavuma’s ear. I can sense Kock’s frustration from here.



1st above: South Africa 7-0 (from Kock 5, Bavuma 2) Sam Curran rushes in from the end of the old stables, Bavuma squirts a single on the first ball, and continues that way for the rest of the time. The breeze hits Midwicket, billowing the flags and moving across the ground. The pitch was freshly rolled out for the afternoon chopped pies – a rich brown.


Out Swagger Quinton by Kock and Temba Bavuma to attack these great borders of Boland. Sam Curran has the ball …


These mountains are really quite hypnotic. Play will begin in five minutes – time for coffee. Another coffee. Anyone having a Sunday roast?



The teams


Give me a line or two if you fancy some free time. Jonny Bairstow is interviewed in front of the Drakestein Mountains, glorious hair and beard in their ginger. Nasser probes: “Where would you prefer to fight?” YJB plays a straight bat. “I’ll do whatever Morgs wants us to do, there are about six guys who want to open the stick.” Nasser: “Have you ever felt it was always you? »YJB: slightly less upright bat. “Sometimes, but you have to take it as a compliment. ”


England won the draw and will play



Elsewhere, New Zealand beat the West Indies by a crushing 72 runs, thanks to a hundred Glenn Philips in the second IT20, and a humdinger comes to a conclusion in Sydney where the efforts of Virat Kohli (89) and Rahul (76) appear to be in vain against the Australian mammoth 389 – thanks to a hundred Steve Smiths and a late order from Glenn Maxwell.





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