Some states impose new restrictions as US surpasses 11 million COVID-19 cases


Several states have announced new efforts to fight the coronavirus as more than 11 million cases of COVID-19[feminine[feminine have now been reported in the United States – with the most recent million in less than a week – and as many Americans prepare to observe a Vacances de Thanksgiving marked by the pandemic.Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said on Sunday that the state will apply new restrictions on businesses and social gatherings for the next month, as it continues to fight a growing number of cases.

Starting Tuesday, gymnasiums and some entertainment centers in Washington will have to shut down their indoor services. Retail stores, including grocery stores, will be ordered to limit indoor capacity and social gatherings inside multiple households will be banned unless attendees are quarantined for 14 days or tested negative for COVID-19 and quarantined for a week. By Wednesday, restaurants and bars will again be limited to alfresco dining and take-out.


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