Soap Opera spoilers: alarming demands and wacky marriage


The episodes will be filled with disturbing views and heavy consequences.Find something to look forward to with this rundown of what’s on the menu for the week November 23-27 with spoilers for Boldness and beauty, days of our lives, General Hospital, and The young and the restless, plus Days and General hospital spoilers from November 30 to December 4.

Liam’s constant worry about Steffy finally manages to convince her that something is wrong with Thomas. Her brother may have turned to her dangerous side and could be a real threat to Hope. But if they realized this, Thomas still hasn’t. While he dines with Hope and Douglas, his grip on reality quickly gives way. He imagines that model Hope is alive and demanding. This could have dire consequences. Liam arrives just in time to be terribly disturbed by what he witnesses. He runs off and yells at Steffy how amazing this all is. Read it Bold and beautiful spoilers for who manages to bring Thomas back to reality.

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It seems like no major event in Salem can happen without something seriously disturbing him. Since not many people in town are as wacky as Jan, it behooves her to make a proposal to Belle and Shawn which is harder to swallow than the usual fruit cake. Claire can barely believe Jan betrayed her and runs to Charlie to comfort her. But John isn’t about to comfort anyone as he goes after January. Still traumatized by the fallout from her recent party, Jennifer receives support from her children while Julie goes off on Jack for how he hurt his wife. Jake doesn’t see what the big deal is and tells Kate that she has nothing to fear, especially when it comes to going public with their relationship. But if this partnership in the bedroom comes as a surprise, it is nothing compared to what awaits in Philip’s bedroom. And Gwen finds yet another way to take advantage of Chad’s insecurities as she tells it about Abigail and Jake. Read it Days of our lives spoilers to find out who’s coming back to town to be surprised by what’s going on.

Cameron suffers from an injury and Liz soon leans on Scott for much-needed support. But that’s nothing compared to the destruction that plagues Sonny. Desperate to hear from him, Carly works with Brando to get to the bottom of it. Sam and Molly discuss their mother’s drinking. While they are eager to help Alexis, Sam is much less willing to help Julian. The Jerome turns to his sister, anxious that she accepts a favor. More than a few people are eager to help Laura, but Kevin has news that can make what anyone can make seem trivial. Any help it gives will come at a high price, however. Meanwhile, it becomes obvious to Dustin and Dante that they share the same goal. Discover our General hospital spoilers for what Britt finds.

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It doesn’t look like the Abbott family has much to be thankful for this year. Jack finds out that Theo has conspired against them. As he searches for a way to counter this revenge plot, his brother Billy finds himself under attack. But at least Lily defends him. Across the city of Genoa, Chelsea are eager to get some serious answers from Sharon, who is far more concerned with teaching everyone a lesson on what the holiday season is supposed to mean. It manages to pass into the summer, but helping other people takes a very different turn in Victor’s hands. Mustache remains determined to save Adam from his self-destructive tendency. Visit The young and the restless spoilers for which character faces a tough choice.

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