Sea Life Hunstanton seal spotted in France


A rescued seal, named after pop star Boy George by rescuers who treated him in Norfolk, has been spotted in France.
Sophie Poncet, a biodiversity manager managing bird and marine mammal projects for the French Ministry of the Environment reported sighting by a European seal rescue group and aquarist Hollie Stephenson acknowledged the number as one of the baby harbor seals that she and her staff helped raise last year at sea. Life Hunstanton.

Rescued on August 11 last year, Boy George was found seriously injured by members of the public on Mundesley Beach. Weighing just 13kg at the age of 10 weeks, he had a high fever, bites on each of his fins and an abscess in his mouth which had caused swelling on the right side of his neck.

After five weeks of treatment, the team finally got clear results on Boy George’s blood tests, the infection had cleared up, and the sore inside his mouth was healing well. However, 10 days later, he took a turn for the worse, developing pneumonia and his temperature dropped to a dangerously low level.

The team worked around the clock to get him through, he was put on a drip with fluid, nebulized four times a day, and electrolyte fluids fed by probe and a special mixture of fish soup to keep him hydrated and give him energy to fight infection.

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Just before Hallowe’en, the seal received the green light from vets and was healthy again, weighing 24 kg.

Boy George got better and better over the next few months before he could finally feed himself on Christmas Day. On January 14, he weighed 35 kg and was ready to be released into The Wash.

Aquarist Hollie Stephenson said: “All of our rescued seals are tagged before they are released in case they are spotted, but they go a long way so we often don’t hear anything back. It is wonderful to know that he is doing well after such a roller coaster rehabilitation – and it is fantastic for our team to know that a seal release is a complete success and that our oceanic Boy George is doing well. ”


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