Sault Ste. Marie sinks a million dollars in a “chimera”


“I use the chimera without a pun. It’s a pipe dream really ”- Ward 3 Coun. Matthew shoemaker

Sault Ste. Mary’s counselors voted smoothly tonight to contribute $ 500,000 to what one counselor called “a pipe dream.”The grant to Tenaris Algoma Tubes Inc. from the city’s economic development fund, approved unanimously by councilors, will be matched by another $ 500,000 from reserves in Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corp.

Tenaris wants to spend between $ 70 million and $ 80 million to transform its Sault plant into the most complete pipe manufacturing plant in Canada.

First reported by SooToday last month, the industrial transformation project includes a 30,000 square foot building addition with 75 new jobs expected to be created in the first year and an additional 50 full-time equivalent jobs.

“This is without a doubt in my mind the best opportunity I have seen in my six years thanks to the economic development fund,” said Mayor Provenzano.

“You are a proven company in our community,” the mayor told Dave McHattie, director of institutional relations for Tenaris Canada in Calgary, who attended the city council conference call.

“This is a very concrete project that will make a significant investment in our community,” said the mayor.

“This will make your facility here a national leader and a world leader in manufacturing. This is what we want to do. We want to be a leader here in Sault Ste. Married.

“I think it’s a fantastic project. I categorically support the request entirely and appreciate that you are giving us the opportunity to support your business in this project. I appreciate the confidence your business shows in Sault Ste. Marie by making this investment, ”says Provenzano.

Ward 1 Coun. Paul Christian pointed out that Tenaris plans to purchase up to $ 200 million worth of hot-rolled coils from Algoma Steel.

“Tenaris recognizes Sault Ste. Marie as a place to do business and a place to invest, ”said Christian.

“We often hear: ‘We need more industry. Can’t you bring industry? “This partnership is just that,” Ward 5 Coun said. Corey Gardi.

Matthew Shoemaker from Ward 3 added, “We always have questions, you know, we have to bring an auto factory here. We’ve got to bring this here. We have to bring that here. Well, we have two big industrial partners, like as well as additional auxiliary suppliers, industrial companies in town. But our anchors are Algoma and Tenaris. ”

“Algoma has recently come out of tough times and is on a solid footing. Tenaris went through tough times, but got through it with the decision to invest in Sault Ste. Married.

“It’s better than a pipe dream to get this facility or this production facility. I use a pipe dream with no pun intended. It is a pipe dream in reality. This is the dream that Tenaris offers us to add to our industrial base, ”said Shoemaker.

“Right now things are really improving,” Ward 5 Coun said. Matthew Scott.

Responding to a question about timelines from Marchy Bruni of Ward 4, McHattie of Tenaris said the company has so far not received confirmation of funding from other levels of government, but said planning for the project was already in progress.

“We hope this will lead to a possible public announcement where we can share the final details. What I can say is that our goal is to complete this investment by 2021. ”

“We hope it will be operational with the first pipe on the new line during the period from November to December,” said McHattie.

“Our community deserves very good news and I think this information and the support of this project is really news for our community,” added Mayor Provenzano.

In other news, a report by the city’s integrity commissioner who cleared the mayor of wrongdoing in acquiring Studio 10 / Dime Nightclub property was accepted as information, without even a single twerk from the others. board members.


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