Sask. Breaks One-Day Record With 308 New COVID-19 Cases


REGINA – Saskatchewan reported 308 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, shattering its previous record increase in one day. The peak brings the total number of active cases in the province to 1,691. The previous peak of 190 new cases in Saskatchewan was recorded on November 9.

The province attributed the rise in part to snowstorms earlier this week, which resulted in fewer people going for tests and delays in getting samples from remote locations to provincial labs.

In a statement, the province said 26 new cases are in the extreme northwest area, eight in the extreme north-central area, 16 in the extreme northeast area, 23 in the northwest area, 30 in north-central zone, 30 are in northeast zone, 123 in Saskatoon, seven in central-west zone, seven in central-east zone, 20 in Regina, two in southwest zone, three in the center-south zone and three in the south-east zone.

“While we would expect to see higher and lower numbers of cases every day, which will be average, there is an upward trend in numbers of positive cases,” the statement said.

Ten cases are currently awaiting information on residency.

“Today’s record number of cases reminds us that the spread of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan is higher now than it has even been across Saskatchewan, including urban, rural, North and First Nations and that we must all redouble our efforts to protect ourselves. and others, ”said Dr. Saqib Shahab, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Saskatchewan, in the statement.

“Wear a mask, limit your personal contact, limit the number of visitors from outside your home, don’t leave your home if you feel ill, and make sure you always walk away physically and wash your hands often. We must all do our part to limit the spread. ”

A total of 57 people are hospitalized due to COVID-19. Forty-one people receive hospital care, including one in the far north-west, one in the far north-east, four in the north-west, four in the center-north, four in the north-east, 22 in Saskatoon, one in Regina, one in the southwest, and three in the southeast.

16 other people are in intensive care; one in the northwest, three in the north-central area, eight in Saskatoon, two in the east-central and two in Regina.


  • 184 active cases come from the far north (91 far north-west, 31 far north-central, 62 far north-east)

  • 461 active cases come from the north zone (143 north-west, 233 north-central, 85 north-east)

  • 500 active cases are from the Saskatoon area

  • 316 active cases are from the Regina area

  • 94 active cases come from the central zone (15 center west, 79 center east)

  • 117 active cases come from the southern zone (22 in the south-west, 39 in the center-south, 56 in the south-east)

43 other recoveries were reported on Saturday. A total of 3,100 people have recovered.

As of Friday, 3,665 COVID-19 tests were processed in Saskatchewan. This is the highest number of tests in a 24 hour reporting period to date.


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