Sasha Banks Says Jon Favreau Approached Her For ‘The Mandalorian’ After ‘Hot Ones’ Appearance


After climbing high after his big title victory at Hell in a cellSasha Banks’ career took a giant leap forward when she landed a role in the Disney Plus original series The Mandalorian, which premiered last Friday. During his WWE interview The bump, “The Boss” is still on cloud nine after his big break.“My heart still beats so fast. I still can’t believe it, ”Banks exclaimed. “The response has been incredible. I am so grateful. I can’t believe I made my Hollywood debut and was able to save Baby Yoda. I can’t stop smiling! ”

Banks went on to explain how she got the part and how it has been since appearing. Hot Ones, a YouTube series, which has now expanded to a game show on truTV just two years ago.

“I got the role by someone sliding into my DM,” she replied jokingly. “I was told that Jon Favreau really loved me and wanted to talk to me. I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ He faced me and said, “I saw your interview on Hot Ones, and I really, really love you and would love to write a role for you on the show. I was like, “Okay. I just need to see if I can do it.” He said, “We’ll do whatever we have to do to get you on the show. I couldn’t believe it. And here I am. ”

Although she admits she was quite nervous on set, she says she made sure to do her best when the cameras started rolling.

“I came in as a boss because I was incredibly nervous,” she admits. “It wasn’t like an F-rated movie. It’s Star Wars. I went in there like, “This guy chose me. You are special, so act like that. I walked in, and it was bigger than anything… I don’t even know how to describe the scenery. It was like stepping into WrestleMania, and everything is so special. It is indescribable. ”

As many WWE Superstars plan to branch out into other facets of the entertainment world, Banks says since she was a little girl, she wanted to be more than just a professional wrestling artist.

“I can’t say no. When you watch a movie, everyone sees themselves in what they do for a living, ”she began. “Have I always been there like I’m a movie star?” What if I won an Emmy? What if I became a rapper and won a Grammy? Why can’t I be the best at everything? ”

“With the wrestling it came so naturally. The universe just said, ‘You know what, Mercedes, Sasha Banks, you’re going to become something very special and change a lot of your minds and opinions and change the game of wrestling. So why not try to do this elsewhere as well? ”

Banks biggest advantage of watching his episode on The Mandalorian was how surprised and excited his brother was to see his sister become a megastar overnight. She starts to cry when she tells the panel how blessed it was to have her mother and brother by her side.

“It’s a blessing because there’s a reason they’re here. It’s crazy that they’re here to watch the episode with me, ”she said with tears in her eyes. “Just seeing my brother’s face was the same reaction he looks at wrestling with me. He was so, so happy; he couldn’t believe it. I am so grateful that my mom and my brother came here. My brother means everything to me and inspires me so, so much. ”

You can watch the full Sasha Bank interview here. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The WWE Bump with ah / t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.


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