San Francisco-based Gap enters electoral politics, immediately deletes tweet


It’s always risky when a brand tries to get into political waters, especially considering today’s partisan landscape. Making a statement too strong for either political party risks alienating customers, but San Francisco-based clothing retailer Gap has found that attempting to take non-partisan heights is just as likely to turn against him.

In a morning tweet that has since been deleted, Gap posted an image of a half-red and half-blue zip-up hoodie, with the caption: “The only thing we know is that together , we can move forward. “

Twitter was no fun, with even Chrissy Teigen weighing in.

New York Times business reporter Sapna Maheshwari received a comment from a Gap spokesperson that this was not an actual item available for purchase, but rather an attempt to increase the relevance of its brand for a digital audience.

This is the latest misstep in a difficult year for the clothing company, which stopped paying rent for 2,785 North American retail stores in April, an expense totaling $ 155 million. And in August, it announced it would close its flagship store on Market Street, leaving just one store in town located on Chestnut Street in the marina. The AP also announced in October that Gap would permanently close a third of its stores, most of which are located in malls.


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