Ryback reacts to Zelina Vega’s dismissal by WWE and more


On the last edit of “Ryback TV,” former WWE Superstar Ryback commented on Zelina Vega’s dismissal from WWE, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:Ryback on WWE paperwork had Zelina Vega sign being “probably illegal”: “If she never signed any documents with them, I promise you what they did was probably illegal. Now they can say they fired her for other reasons besides that, but I think it was pretty obvious that they made an example of her because she didn’t go with the flow. on Twitch like everyone else. What they do is create new documents. That’s what they did when I was there. They bring the talent together in a room and force you to sign. They literally add to the contract. It really puts people in a difficult position because you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. So I’m curious, if she uses her real name on this and has never signed these new documents, they can get into a messy situation.

Ryback on her support for Zelina Vega: “I said I support her and # F * ckWWE and it went well. And I mean that because it really bothers me. because she’s super talented… I have both sides and I never want to speak badly about wrestlers because we are our own worst enemies. When you’re out there and making that money, do I expect people to suddenly put that at risk? The problem is – and this is what happened – that she is taking a stand and who else is with her? Nobody, nobody, nobody! That’s why I published it, because it takes a lot of courage to do it.

“I guarantee you she got a message from probably the majority of the talent out there congratulating her and telling her how much they respect her.” But they won’t do anything publicly, and that’s the problem. Now if everyone that day and everyone in this business – if Roman said, “Guys, we don’t do this anymore. And Drew, Drew the boss, right? A true leader would have done this and not just go with the flow. I love Drew and I love Roman, but you can’t count everyone because someone’s going to say it in the office, and that’s what happens.

On Vega earn more money with Twitch: “The fact that Zelina Vega worked for the world’s biggest wrestling promotion on TV every week for years, being used and showcased, and making more money on Twitch?” It shows what they’re doing, and I’ve talked about it – they give you these little inconveniences and they try to milk that as long as they can. And then finally [they give] a little more down the line. But they take advantage of human beings. If you’ve been working at it for five years, you should be good, but you’re not. And that’s why people have to stay there so long …

“It creates this hostile and negative working environment, and from everything I’ve heard, AEW is just the opposite. They use the word “team” there. Man, that appeals to me as an athlete and wrestler much more than the environment of WWE. I can get behind this. I’m so glad she’s out of this environment. I’m telling you, it might suck not seeing some people, but she’ll be so much happier when she goes to another business. If she goes to AEW, it will be the best decision she’s ever made in taking a stand for herself.


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