Ruthie Henshall thought she wasn’t on the mic when she made Prince Edward’s remark


I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! Star Ruthie Henshall has revealed that she actually has no idea there are so many microphones in the castle.
Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on Monday, West End star Ruthie admitted she thought she wasn’t on the mic when she made that “sh * gging Prince Edward” remark to campmate Shane Richie.

Ruthie dated the Earl of Wessex for five years in the early 1990s after playing at Buckingham Palace.

Ruthie seemed a little embarrassed explaining that she thought she had some privacy when she said to Shane, “Buckingham Palace, you were singing in the gardens, I was fucking in the bedrooms. ”

Ruthie admitted she thought she was off mic when she made the ‘rude’ comment

The star told Lorraine, “It’s a long time ago, but there’s a certain amount of it that you completely forget.

“It was my first day there, and I had no idea there were microphones everywhere, I know it sounds silly to say, but I really didn’t.

“So the pretty crass thing I said at the start, I said it to make Shane laugh, and I had no idea it was going to come out.”

Ruthie and Prince Edward were dating in the 1990s

“So I learned my lesson! ”

When asked who she thinks could become king or queen of the castle, Ruthie replied, “I’ll tell you who has always been a beauty through G [Giovanna].

« Vernon [Kay] is simply delicious and delicious, such a beautiful soul.

« Victoria [Derbyshire] – interesting, life catcher, Shane [Richie] – funny funny funny! Kept us in points – AJ [Pritchard], delicious.

Ruthie spoke candidly with Shane about her relationship

“The women in there -Beverley!” Heard about Jon there and being a megash * g! ”

Ruthie became the second celebrity to be kicked from the show on Sunday night, after Hollie Arnold was the first star to get the boot on Friday.

“I absolutely thought this was my time to go last night, the people who are there are so beautiful and worthy to win,” she said.

* Lorraine broadcast during the week on ITV at 9 a.m.


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