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The Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned the passage of the destroyer USS John S McCain through Russian waters in the Peter the Great Gulf. In their statement, the ministry said it viewed the US move as an overt provocation aimed at violating peace and order in the waters.

He also said Russia reserves the right to retaliate against the incident.The ministry added that any attempt by Washington to undermine Russia’s water sovereignty is unacceptable.

The statement came after the Russian Defense Ministry said a US Navy destroyer entered Russian territorial waters two kilometers into the Sea of ​​Japan.

The incident took place on Tuesday in the water area bordered by Japan, Russia and the Koreas.

The Russian Pacific Fleet anti-submarine ship, Admiral Vinogradov, issued a warning to the US ship that it was allegedly navigating neutral waters.

In response to Russia, the US Seventh Fleet stated that the USS John McCain had not been “kicked out” from any country.

The US military claimed the destroyer was conducting an operation to ensure freedom of navigation.

They also said the United States had not agreed that Peter the Great Bay was a “historic port” under international law.

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He added that the United States would never “bow” in intimidation or be coerced by Russia.

The spokesperson added, “The operation reflects our commitment to upholding the freedom of navigation and lawful uses of the sea as a principle, and the United States will never bow to intimidation or be forced to accept illegitimate maritime claims, such as those formulated by Russia. Federation.

“Russia pursued the claim of the USSR.

“By carrying out this operation, the United States has demonstrated that these waters are not the territorial sea of ​​Russia and that the United States does not accept Russia’s claim that Peter the Great is a” historic bay. “Under international law.”

Last year, Admiral Vinogradov was also involved in a near collision with a US ship in the East China Sea.

The United States and Russia blamed each other for this incident.

The two countries often accuse each other of conducting military operations at sea and in the air.

Relations between the United States and Russia remain strained.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has yet to congratulate US President-elect Joe Biden on his electoral victory.


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