Russell Wilson Spends “At Least $ 1 Million” Every Year On His Body


Russell Wilson is 31 years old and in the prime of his career. He plays at a very high level and leads many to believe that he will end the season as an NFL MVP. Now Wilson has revealed that he spends a large amount of money each year to help him play so well.

“I’m probably spending a million if not more on recovery,” Wilson told Bill Simmons in a recent interview. “It’s not just recovery. It’s huge. For me the most important thing for me is the mental game. Mental play is so important. ” The conversation revealed more information about Wilson’s training schedule, his mindset and the technology he incorporates to keep him at an MVP level. He has two hyperbaric chambers, a full time trainer, a physiotherapist and two chefs. He also trains 363 days a year, only taking off on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The dedication has reaped rewards for Wilson given he is a Super Bowl champion and has made two trips to the Big Game. He has also developed a reputation as one of the most exciting and efficient quarterbacks in the league. The 2020 season is also one of Wilson’s best given he threw 26 touchdowns and just six interceptions while rushing for 260 extra yards. The Seahawks are 6-1 and appear to be heading for a playoff berth.

Wilson isn’t the only top athlete to put so much time and effort into recovery and preparation. Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James spends similar amounts to keep his body at a high level. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady also does and maintained a high level of play through his forties.

The TB12 method has gained considerable attention due to the fact that Brady maintains his health and plays well beyond the average “lifespan” of an NFL quarterback. Other athletes have noticed and sought out TB12 coaches to help them in their own careers. One example is CrossFit Games star Mat Fraser, who just won his fifth consecutive championship, a record.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview ahead of the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games, Fraser revealed that he works with certified athletic and body trainer Jordan Lowry. The trainer flies to Cookeville, Tennessee, where Fraser lives, every two weeks and does bodywork work several times a day for two consecutive days. This work helps Fraser continue to perform consistently in grueling competition, to the point that he regularly builds up an insurmountable points lead before the last day of events.

“It’s just longevity. Like Tom Brady. I mean, what is he like? 43 now? He’s still crushing it, ”Fraser said. “It becomes much more acceptable and knowing that these professional athletes are investing in their bodies. Like your body is your greatest asset when this is what you do for a career.

“So you hear guys like LeBron James spend like a million and a half a year on his body, so it’s like, ‘Oh, okay. I used to not even get massages until something hurt and it’s like, “Okay. If I want my daily life to be a little more pleasant, less crisp and poppy, and I want to extend my career longer, I will invest some time and money in myself. So I found a bodywork team, the best in the world, and I teamed up. “


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