Rudy Giuliani appears in federal court for the first time in 28 years to assert Trump campaign allegations of electoral fraud


In a dramatic opening statement, he used quotes from former President Jimmy Carter of 40 years ago to support his argument that mail-in ballots are more susceptible to voter fraud, calling him ” Prophet”.The 76-year-old argued that the expansion of postal voting this year is an example of officials taking advantage of a crisis, namely the pandemic.

He went on to claim that 1.5 million votes were illegally counted, without explaining how he arrived at that number.

However, when Judge Brann later asked him in the proceedings whether he should apply the strict control required by a fraud case, Mr. Giuliani acknowledged, “This is not a fraud case.” .

Mark Aronchick, the Pennsylvania counties attorney sued by Mr. Trump, tore Mr. Giuliani apart, claiming he ignored the law, lived in “a fantasy world” and pushed wild allegations that are “shameful in a classroom. ‘American audience’.

“Please dismiss this case so that we can move on,” Aronchick pleaded with the judge. “There are no details. There are no numbers here, ”referring to Mr. Giuliani’s assertions.

He said the case had become something of a “lifeline” for the Trump campaign. “We have to move forward,” he said. “We need to have this election certified. ”

Kathy Boockvar, Secretary of State for Pennsylvania, is due to certify the election results next Monday, which means Judge Brann is expected to rule quickly.


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