Royal children are prohibited from eating these foods


The life of a royal is filled with many rules and protocols about what he can and cannot do. And this also applies to the youngest princes and princesses.

Here’s what royal kids like Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge’s kids eat, and what foods they’re never given.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte | Mark Cuthbert / UK Press via Getty Images

What is the diet of a royal baby

For those wondering what royal babies and toddlers actually eat, former royal chef Darren McGrady, who cooked meals for Prince William and Prince Harry when they were kids, gave a preview.

“Their first meals [were] steamed apples and pears from the Queen’s Country Retreat at Sandringham, ”McGrady told Today. He added that he would mash all fruit by hand for the little royals to consume.

And when royal toddlers are ready to eat solid foods, it’s all organic, all the time.

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Prince Harry and Prince William in 1986
Prince Harry and Prince William in 1986 | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Foods the royal children never fed

The Metro reported that the Queen always had more than 20 staff working in the kitchen and at least two were dedicated to the diet of a royal baby.

“One chef in the palace kitchen would mash chicken, lamb or beef and another would do the same with cooked vegetables such as peas, carrots and cauliflower,” the post notes.

Something that royal nannies, chefs and everyone else are prohibited from serving to royal children is packaged food. McGrady said he had never seen packaged baby food in the palace in all the years he worked there.

When it comes to breastfeeding royal moms, they also need to be careful about what they eat so that the flavor of the baby’s milk is not affected. It doesn’t mean anything spicy, no alcohol and never garlic. Garlic has been banned in royal kitchens for many years because the monarch’s family doesn’t want it to give it a bad breath when they go to meet others or when they have visitors.

What Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis eat

Kate Middleton, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte
Kate Middleton, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte | Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

For dinner time at the Cambridge home, Prince William’s wife said her kids love to help her in the kitchen and they actually eat a lot of the same foods we eat.

Matthew Kleiner-Mann, managing director of the Ivy Learning Trust, said Kate told him Prince George and Princess Charlotte love to make homemade cheese pasta. Kleiner-Mann recounted the conversation he had with the mother of three at Lavender Primary School in London: “She was telling us how much her children love to cook and how they cook for her. They made cheese pasta the other day. We stir the flour, we put the milk and butter in it. And they make salads and all that.

The Duchess of Cambridge had previously said that her children also help her make pizza.

“I think these are some of the best things to do, pizza at home. It’s so much fun you get to choose what you can put on it – all the different toppings, ”she said during a visit to King Henry’s Walk Garden in London with several children in January 2019.

Kate admitted that one of her favorite toppings is bacon, telling the youth group, “I like that or some other meat. It’s like having pepperoni but it’s not as spicy.


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