“Roman Reigns is a Leader” – Drew McIntyre praises his opponent ahead of Titanic Survivor series


WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will face Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the main event of the Survivor Series this Sunday. This match decides the supremacy of the brand and establishes the winner as the “top guy” of WWE.While Roman Reigns has been on top of the mountain for a while now, McIntyre is ready to take this place away. But before doing so, he understands what is at stake.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Drew McIntyre spoke about how much better Reigns is because of his own credibility. “Roman has been the man for so many years in WWE,” your McIntyre. “There is something so special about his presence. He’s phenomenal in the ring, he’s a leader in the ring, and he’s reached this level for a reason.

However, McIntyre is doing all he can to establish the brand’s supremacy as well as its name at the top.

“I am doing the job and I will continue to do it. When you think of WWE, you think of Roman Reigns. I want people to think of Drew McIntyre, and they will after Survivor Series.

SINGAPORE – JUNE 27: Drew McIntyre enters the ring during WWE Live Singapore at Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 27, 2019 in Singapore. (Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah / Getty Images for Singapore Sports Hub)

Roman Reigns a insulté Raw et Drew McIntyre sur SmackDown

Last week on SmackDown, Drew McIntyre came by and taunted Reigns. However, Reigns knocked him down and said no one was watching Raw anymore because SmackDown is the “it show”, thanks to Reigns.

Since Reigns came back, people have forgotten about McIntyre. The Scottish psychopath has said he will win the WWE Championship on RAW and beat Reigns at Survivor Series. Now that the first part of the claim is over, we need to see if this last claim comes true.

McIntyre a dit, “I love to represent Raw. It’s the show that I grew up watching and the one that defines wrestling. Roman and Paul can think whatever they want, but just know that I like to prove people wrong.

What do you think will be Drew McIntyre’s outcome against Roman Reigns? Let us know in the comments below.


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