Rogers Center could be demolished for new downtown Toronto stadium


The possibility of a new home stadium is emerging for the Toronto Blue Jays, although nothing is definitive at this point and discussions are still ongoing.

According to Globe and Mail, Rogers Communications Inc., the parent company of the Blue Jays as well as Sportsnet, and Brookfield Asset Management Inc. are working with city, state and federal officials on a plan to demolish the Rogers Center, transforming half of the downtown property. city ​​of Toronto in a new baseball stadium at the south end and the other part in residential towers, office buildings, stores and public spaces.

“Before the pandemic we were exploring options for the stadium, but throughout this year our main focus has been on keeping our customers connected and our employees safe, so there is no update on the Center. Rogers to share for now, ”said Andrew Garas, Director of Communications at Rogers.

Blue Jays president and CEO Mark Shapiro has previously expressed the need for a large-scale renovation of Rogers Center, the home of the Blue Jays since 1989. If plans for a new downtown stadium fail, for example the GlobeRogers is also reportedly considering building a new stadium at a lakeside site, potentially the 12-acre Quayside property where Google’s Sidewalk Labs had planned to house its now-abandoned smart city project.

The multibillion-dollar plan is said to be funded by Rogers and Brookfield, but needs government approvals to move forward. While Rogers owns the stadium, the federal government owns the land.


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