Rivals100 DB Derrick Davis talks about LSU visit and engagement on November 7


Rivals100 Safety Derrick Davis is less than a week away from his Nov. 7 engagement and the Monroeville, Pa. Gateway star has made a last-minute visit to LSU. Even though the Tigers coaching staff couldn’t accommodate him as they would on a normal visit due to the NCAA recruiting dead period, Davis still truly felt the love of LSU and the rest of university.

“It was wonderful,” Davis said. “I’m glad I made the trip and visited. My mom, aunt and I went there on Saturday and ate at a restaurant called Walk-On’s which was really good. Then we went to visit the campus a bit. We saw the engineering building and the commercial building. They were exceptional.“It was a bit difficult to watch the game because we were going around the campus,” he says. “We watched the first half at Walk-On. I love how Coach O didn’t put him on the quarterback. He knows he has a first-year quarterback and that this is his first time playing in such great times. He’s not putting pressure on the quarterback.

“We were able to visit more of the campus on Sunday,” Davis said. “The people there are extremely nice. I loved the proximity to everything on campus. There is a grocery store just below the dorms. Dorms are within walking distance of the facility, as are classrooms. The university is pretty much a big circle with the stadium in the middle. I thought it was pretty cool.

“The coaches want me a lot,” he says. “Even though they couldn’t see me, they made sure to watch me, make sure I was okay and visit whatever I needed. I think it’s important enough that they checked me out because some coaches will hesitate and head to a bunch of meetings. Even though the LSU coaches were in a meeting, they were calling to see if we were okay.

“LSU has really separated itself from Ohio State and Penn State with their diversity,” Davis said. “Culturally, there are so many different people. It was just awesome. I feel that I fit in perfectly. Even though I don’t know a lot of commits, I just feel like the trainers made me feel comfortable even though they couldn’t even see me.

Regarding the security of Rivals100, Sage Ryan is committed to LSU: “For me that means LSU has a chance to get a really good double (with me and him),” he said. “I don’t really know him. There are pretty much a lot of defensive backs and security engagements everywhere. You never know who, but some guys who say they play it safe could turn into outside linebackers.

Sur le match Penn State vs Ohio State: “I didn’t really have a chance to watch it,” Davis said.

On his next engagement: “I probably know my decision on Wednesday,” he said. “It’s just Penn State, Ohio State and LSU. I will choose based on my experience, who has the best system to help me advance to the next level and who can best prepare me for life after football.

Ohio State: “They have a very good business department,” Davis said. “Their football team is doing really well. The way they recruit me is awesome and they always beat me to make sure I’m good.

Penn State: “They recruit me just like the state of Ohio,” he says. “The coaching staff are always there and making sure I’m okay.”

Davis has a tough decision to make in the next few days. Penn State, Ohio State and LSU are all good options and they could all use a talented safety like Davis. Penn State has the best relationship with Davis because of the time that Nittany Lions defensive back coach Terry Smith has known Davis and his family. The Ohio State coaching staff prioritized Davis early in the process and did a good job building relationships with his family. Buckeye’s engagements also made Davis feel very comfortable last weekend when Jack Sawyer put on a big visiting weekend. LSU is playing from behind, but Davis and his family clearly felt comfortable in Baton Rouge and on campus. They didn’t have as much time to get close to the coaches and other members of that recruiting class so it could hurt the Tigers on Saturday. Look for Davis to announce his decision around 4:15 p.m. or 4:30 p.m. Saturday


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