Retirees shocked by towing motorhome


Two Breton retirees recounted how their motorhome was towed away from its parking space, although they are deliberately keeping it in the same place to comply with containment rules.The couple – Suzanne and Alain Guyard – had driven the motorhome from their home in Vannes, Brittany, and parked in Nimes to be closer to their daughter and grandson.

Both had driven the day before the lockdown and were therefore within the rules when they parked for the first time. Since then, they have been doing their best to comply with containment rules, including limiting their movements, interactions with others and not going out.

They had parked in a free parking space outside the city center and had not moved the vehicle since then due to lockdown restrictions.

Yet, just over a week after arriving, the couple were shocked to find that despite their best efforts to obey the rules, the motorhome had been impounded, and they would have to go ‘unlock’ it to get it back. , after a local a resident reported the vehicle.

It cost the couple € 125, plus an additional parking fine of € 35.

Mrs. Guyard a dit local news source France Bleu Gard Lozère: “We find that really unfair. Why are they cracking down on us in full detention? Why penalize us? In Brittany, we left [the campervan] and we had no problem.

“In theory, they tell us not to go out, to stay… sometimes we don’t go out all week, we try to limit ourselves to what they ask. But then people crack down on us with this joke. We do not accept it. It is a brutal response. What is Vichy France?

“It’s a bit hard. They penalize us for doing nothing. In contrast, we see endless rules of the road broken in the city center, and no one seems to care.

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