Reduced capacity at Edmonton Convention Center shelter after double COVID-19 cases in one day


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After the positive case, symptomatic individuals were immediately taken to a separate area of ​​the facility, before being transferred to the isolation shelter for testing. All HIV-positive people remain in the isolation center in their own rooms until the end of their quarantine period.

In order to test asymptomatic people considered to be close contacts, Beaton said there will soon be testing for COVID-19 at the Convention Center shelter. Currently, there is mandatory entry screening, temperature checks and a questionnaire, but testing is only done at the isolation shelter.

Officials have a system to track close contacts at the shelter, Beaton said, using an app to track where people were sleeping. If a person is considered close contact because of their sleep, they will receive an alert when they re-check in and be taken to a separate area to self-isolate.

Improved cleaning, signage with distance reminders, and the use of personal protective equipment to respond to overdoses and other medical emergencies are also in place.

There are currently 253 people on the shelter system’s narrow contact list.

More soon.


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