Reaction to the monologue by John Mulaney SNL


“On November 3, there is a competition for older men. “

He began by thanking the first responders in the audience and saying he was happy to see people wearing masks, even though the masks made him miss his favorite part of life in New York City.

From there, the monologue became more and more political, with John calling the next election a “contest for older men”…

… Before saying that “whatever happens, nothing will change much in the United States”.

Then he made jokes about the vote …

… Some of which concerned his 94-year-old grandmother.

He immediately backed off and apologized for making an ageist joke, but then doubled down on his point.

The reactions have been mixed, to say the least. Some people thought John was making fun of the election and playing on both sides.

“Nothing will change” of the election result? Really, John Mulaney? Even as a joke? Good then. #SNL

Mulaney is funny but I will never forget this unscrupulous bullshit on both sides of the weekend before the most important election in American history.

Shocked and appalled at what John Mulaney said on his SNL monologue. I feel like they should delete the monologue all together. The celebrity guest should just stand on the stage and people cheer for them, that’s it.

“Nothing is going to change” is a horrible catch to be said on live television 3 days before an election where we need the most people to vote. @mulaney #SNL

Others thought John was telling a hard truth to hear.

John Mulaney is a brilliant comedian. I’ve been a fan of him for years and he’s never been a political comedian. So he established the truth last night about American inequality, and our corrupt duopoly is quite extraordinary.

I can’t believe the first time John Mulaney is controversial is for saying the most uncontroversial thing on the planet

What do you think of John’s monologue? LMK in the comments!

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