Queen Elizabeth II: Queen sends rare message to Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton | Royal | News


She congratulated the world champion for winning the Turkish Grand Prix on Sunday in a tweet shared on the royal family’s Twitter account. The Monarch wrote: “Congratulations to seven-time record-breaking seven-time F1 World Championship title winner @Lewis Hamilton – with a record number of race victories, what an incredible feat!

Mr. Hamilton responded to the message saying, “What an incredible honor. Thank you so much. “
The wishes were met with criticism from Twitter users who claimed the Formula 1 driver should ‘never be knighted’ and that he ‘fled’ to Monaco ‘because of UK tax laws “.
However, these claims have not been proven.

Others refuted rumors he was trying to avoid paying UK taxes and thanked the Queen for acknowledging the driver’s accomplishments.

Some fans have even called on the monarch to gift Mr. Hamilton a knight for representing the nation in the sport.

Motorsport UK chairman David Richards and the All Party for Formula 1 parliamentary group even wrote a letter to Boris Johnson campaigning for Hamilton to be knighted in New Year’s honors.

The letter said: “It would be totally wrong for the UK to deny Lewis an award worthy of his historic achievements because of where he chooses to live or work or because his tax status has been misunderstood.

“Even though Lewis resides in Monaco (Sir Jackie Stewart was based in Switzerland for many years racing with almost every F1 driver).”

A Twitter user said: ‘He lives overseas, why should he pay taxes in the UK? Jackie Stewart, Mansell, Button all for the same thing.

“Recognize his achievements, he deserves a knight’s title! Well done Lewis, so proud of you. ”

Another user added: “Thanks for recognizing it. All of England should applaud this man! He’s the greatest sportsman the country has ever had, hands down.

“He’s the one who made Sunday synonymous with the British anthem and we’re not going to see him again, at least not at this level. ”

Mr Hamilton has previously been invited to a private lunch with the Queen and received an MBE in 2009.


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