Queen dons face mask in public for the first time in poignant tribute to Remembrance | Royal | News


The Queen wore a black face edged in white during her visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey, according to recently released images. The simple face mask matched the monarch’s dark black outfit and was said to have been created by Queen’s seamstress and personal advisor Angela Kelly.

It is the first time that the Queen has worn a face mask since the start of the pandemic.The monarch sparked backlash last month after stepping out of Windsor Castle for her first royal visit since March, in which she did not wear a face mask.

Alongside Prince William, she traveled to Porton Down to meet staff at the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and officially open the new Energy Analysis Center.

All participants in the pledge tested negative for coronavirus within 48 hours of the Queen’s arrival.

GMB host Piers Morgan wrote on Twitter: “Why no masks or social distancing?

“Sorry, but this is not a smart move on the part of the Royal Family as the virus rages on and the country heads for another lockdown. ”

Journalist Darren McCaffrey tweeted: “The Queen, a future king and a policeman – but no mask in sight.


“Should they lead by example and wear one? ”

Martin McHugh replied, “One hundred percent they should. It doesn’t matter how old you are or who you are. ”

Colette Jones said: “I am so disappointed with their behavior. They are meant to be role models. ”

Royal expert Joe Little stressed that medical advice had been carefully followed, saying: “The Queen and The Duke of Cambridge will inevitably be criticized for not wearing face coverings, but medical advice was sought during the planning of royal visitation and apparently social distancing was maintained throughout. “

The entry in the register, dated November 4, read: ‘The Queen this morning commemorated the centenary of the burial of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey, London SW1, and was received at the great west door by the Dean of Westminster (The Right Reverend Dr David Hoyle). ”

The Unknown Warrior was buried at the Abbey on November 11, 1920 in the presence of the Queen’s grandfather – King George V.

The monarch is expected to return to central London tomorrow to mark Remembrance Sunday alongside other members of the Royal Family.

The ceremony will be strictly socially distanced and closed to the public, with people invited to watch it from their homes to protect themselves and coronavirus veterans.


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