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Screenshot of a social media user liking the Pope model on social media caused by Pope Francis Instagram model causing the image of the ‘Brazilian model’
The inspirational photo of a Brazilian model in a bikini on the official Instagram account of Pope Francis, the supreme religious leader of Christians, caused a stir on social media. The screenshot of a social media user of the Pope’s Instagram account @francisus liking the model’s photo has gone viral. In this photo, Brazilian model Natalia Gariboto is seen in a schoolgirl’s uniform.

In this very fiery image, Natalia is seen keeping the books in the locker. On the screenshot, we can see that 133,000 people liked this photo of Natalia (27), apart from Pope Francis. On the other hand, after being trolled, Natalia joked that she was going to the Vatican with her Twitter followers. Natalia said that my mother rejected this image but the Pope loved it. At least I’m going to heaven.

On the flip side, after the likes of the Pope in this photo, there has been a lot of outcry on social media and a lot of people are commenting. However, after being trolled, the image was unlocked from the Pope’s account. It is not yet clear whether Natalia’s photo was taken accidentally or not. Natalia has over 20 lakh followers on Instagram and many are private members of her website.


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