Protests against France’s security bill attract tens of thousands


The demonstration in Paris took place in the same square where, a few days earlier, the police violently evacuated a temporary migrant camp. It also follows a nationwide outcry over images of police repeatedly beating a black music producer for several minutes.

Opponents of the bill seized the footage to argue that by placing restrictions on the sharing of police videos, the new bill would prevent such violence from being reported.

Authorities said four police officers were arrested on Friday for questioning about the beating of the music producer and were suspended from duty.

In a statement on his Facebook page on Friday, Macron said the images of the beating “shame us”, adding that “France must never resign itself to violence or brutality, wherever it may be. come ”.

As French authorities grapple with growing accusations of structural racism and brutality in the police, Mr Macron said he had called on the government to come up with proposals to restore public confidence in the police – a request which he has already formulated twice this year.

“In 2015, we gave the police a hug,” Ms. Beaufour said, referring to the wave of solidarity with the police that emerged after the 2015 terrorist attacks. “Now we are fleeing them.”


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