Princess Diana’s ex-bodyguard says she was ‘beaten into submission’ in the last days of her life


Princess Diana had been screwed up badly, says ex-bodyguard

Princess Diana has been deeply traumatized by the very public breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles.

A former bodyguard, who watched over the People’s Princess, said she was ‘beaten into submission’ by the way her royal wedding fell apart in front of everyone.

Lee Sansum, a former military cop, said public scrutiny got tougher after Diana delivered the coup de grace BBC interview.

While on vacation in St Tropez in July 1997 – the month before her death – Sansum was there to babysit Diana and her sons: “It was like when a fighter is last knocked down and they are just done.

“It had been badly screwed,” he added.

Speaking about how the convicted intervew changed Diana’s life, he said, “There are absolutely reasons for an investigation – it was used. ”

Sansum even had strict reservations about how Diana was constantly being questioned for her sanity as she was exploited by others for their own gain.

He said, “A lot of people said the princess was crazy, but I’m trained in various things like human behavior.

“I saw no sign of the insanity she was supposed to have. She was just a normal person. Can you imagine being told that you are crazy but you are not? It must be a horrible feeling. She was the most balanced, charming and caring woman. She was a wonderful mother. She was witty and fun, ”Sansum continued.


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