Princess Anne News: Prince Edward and Sister Spoken Clear About ‘Inappropriate’ Royal Agreements | News


Republic is an organization campaigning for Queen Elizabeth II to be replaced by a democratically elected head of state and for the monarchy to be abolished. Graham Smith, the organization’s CEO, told that there needs to be full transparency around trade deals in the monarchy.

When asked if royals like Princess Anne and Prince Edward could make trade deals, Mr Smith said: ‘The problem with them doing trade deals is that they are still closely associated with the royal family.
“The Royal Family is so secretive that you cannot be sure there is no conflict of interest or inappropriate lobbying.

“If they want to make trade deals, then there has to be full transparency within the royal household so that people can know who is having meetings with whom and where there may be a conflict of interest.

“A royal on a business contract could give the trading company a significant advantage given its access to those in power.

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“I think this is a serious question that needs to be answered.

“It can only be answered with greater transparency. “

However, one royal commentator strongly disagreed with this view.

Richard Fitzwilliams praised the work of Princess Anne and Prince Edward within the royal family.

‘There is already remarkable transparency in the Royal Accounts which proves that we are getting a good deal for the £ 1.24 per person per year, excluding security, that we are currently spending on the Royal Family.

“Princess Anne is famous for her hard work, completing 506 engagements last year.

“Edward and his wife Sophie are both full-time working royals.

“It is interesting that there are guidelines to ensure that working royals do not exploit this to their own advantage with business activities subject to the Lord Chamberlain’s approval. ”


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