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Prince Philip’s age has precluded the Duke of Edinburgh from advising Meghan and Prince Harry on the decision to resign from the royal family, royal biographer Ingrid Seward has said. She told Fox News: “At her great age, there was a limit to her involvement.

“At this age, you just don’t have the energy and the will to interfere too much in the lives of your grandchildren.“If Prince Philip had been younger he would have been more influential.

“He would have said to Harry, ‘Are you sure you know what you’re doing?

“’Do you know what you’re giving up?

“’You can’t have one foot in the palace and the other foot out.

“” You have to make a decision and I don’t want you to regret it “. ”

The Duke of Edinburgh is said to have sympathized with Meghan, who came from a different country and work experience before joining the royal family in May 2018.

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Much like Meghan, the Duke was an outsider when he married then Princess Elizabeth in 1947.

And, according to Ms Seward, he had been treated “appallingly” by a few royal courtiers during his early years at the palace.

She continued: ‘I think Philip really understood that Meghan was going to find royal life difficult and he was supportive of her. ”


Prince Philip’s age not only impacted his desire to step into the lives of young royals to give advice, but also brought some discomfort to the elderly royal, according to Ms Seward. .

However, the Duke did not give in to health problems that come with age, such as reduced eyesight, mobility or hearing, and continued to pursue his hobbies.

The expert wrote in his book, Prince Philip revealed: “What he lacked in cognitive abilities he made up for with practical intelligence, and although the Queen complained of not hearing anything, he continued listening to music and watching. television with subtitles.

“He still painted when the mood took him and although his eyesight was fading and he always needed glasses, he wrote long letters and loved to read.

“Sandringham’s vast library was a gold mine of biographies he wanted to read but never had time to read.

“Philip has always had a curious mind and although as he grew older he forgot names, he retained the desire to improve himself and made the effort to refresh his memory when he felt it was getting stale or stale. ‘he couldn’t find the right word. .

“He used all the recommended tools and refused to give in to brain fatigue. ”

Prince Philip acknowledged that with advanced age comes some issues.

In an interview on his 90th birthday, recorded six years before his retirement, the Duke said: “I think I’ve done my part.

“So I want to have a little fun now, with less responsibility, less frantic rushing, less preparation, less trying to think of something to say.”

“On top of that, your memory is fine. I can’t remember the names and things.

“It’s better to get out before the sell-by date. ”


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