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The popular royal drama portrays the life of the royals over the years, with the most recent fourth season falling last week. The fourth series describes the troubled marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, which has elicited backlash from royal insiders.

One accused the show of “tracing things that happened during very difficult times.”They told the Daily Mail: “It is neither fair nor fair, especially when so much portrayed does not represent the truth. ”

Now Piers Morgan, who praised the most recent series, has criticized Prince Harry for his relationship with Netflix.

The Crown was produced and distributed by the popular online streaming service.

The Good Morning Britain host commented that Prince William would be “enraged” by the way his parents, Princess Diana and Prince William, are portrayed on the show.

However, he claimed Prince Harry “does not seem to share” those same views.

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At the same time, the columnist said he didn’t blame Netflix for making the drama “very entertaining,” adding, “I don’t think drama should be rigorously tied to the facts to tell a story.”

Other analysts disagreed. Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam claimed Harry and Meghan “will claim that the show uses a dramatic license”.

He told The Sun, “As far as the family representation goes, I suspect they might even be sympathetic to some of them.

“And of course the couple were very unhappy as a senior member of the family.

Peter Morgan, the show’s creator, admitted he had to ‘confuse’ the events depicted on the show, and told The Times: ‘Sometimes you have to give up accuracy, but you should never give up on accuracy. truth.”

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle reportedly signed a multi-year deal with Netflix in September this year.

It is understood that the two royals will direct documentaries and feature films as part of the deal.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said in a statement: “Our aim will be to create content that informs but also gives hope.

The streaming service is believed to have nearly 200 million subscribers worldwide.

The deal between the royals and Netflix came about six months after they stepped down as royals and moved to Los Angeles.

They currently live in the Santa Barbara area of ​​California, having left Los Angeles this summer.


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